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Again, Lehrer was ahead of his time. Pollution was not a hot topic in the sixties. But if Lehrer thought the world was polluted many years ago, I really wonder what he thinks today.

Lehrer said "OK" to"The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel", as long as the performance is not altered and as long as it's free in the YouTube flash video format. Do NOT ask for any video originals, ever again.

Click on the Lehrer icon and visit the channel's front page. The channel is Lehrer only. And here is a link to a NEW channel support page:

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Recording date: September 10th 1967
Format: Ampex Quadruplex PAL 4:3
Status: A very rare recording
Storage: Sony Digital Betacam

Sometimes when this video is played back the technical audio/video quality is even worse than the average YouTube crap. It wasn't like that when published in 2007. Has it become worse? I don't know. Please try to add &fmt=6 to the page address and reload the page. You might get a better playback. This video will be republished later.

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