The Heajth Hazard in India as Pollution Has Gone Up to Sky- Rocketing Height

The health hazard in India as pollution has gone up to sky-rocketing height.

Pollution , the modern killer, is very openly playing death-game in Asia and Africa. India has been becoming the worst victim of it. People’s physical and biological needs make the Indian several times a day aware that India is very much a part of Nature. But to day the conflict between Indian and Nature has reached a critical stage. The U.N. O. has disclosed the evils of pollution as disease, dirt, hunger, flood, famine and malnutrition that has been threatening life in India. The urban life, with it’s emphasis on unplanned and unscientific organised industrial activity, unplanned development of township, abrupt deforestation and fumes and smoke have been contributing to a crisis in life of India. It influences our thinking, culture, and behaviour. The importance of clear

surroundings has seen supplemental by economics of industry. In industrial cities, people drink putrefied sewage water. Less than 5% of population has treated-water for drinking. Mercury poisoning comes from pesticides, insecticides,. the use of chemical fertilizers and industrial wastes. The western countries have to shoulder the lion’s share of polluting the fabric of countries. Their up-going development, growth of civilisation, aware of their own environment along with high lure and last for consumption have drove the last nail in the coffin of Indian environment. They themselves do not produce health-hazarding and poisoning products in their own country , but in the countries of 3rd world. The hopeless, innocent people of India harvest the poison that West and America germinate to have their elixir. The Swedish scientists , of late, have researched that indiscriminate use of Nitrogen based fertiliser, that is used to get more harvest, pollutes the environment in a very high dose. The experts of the globe fear lung and skin cancer, bronchitis, cardiac problem, diabetics, mental disorder ,and lead poisoning will attack

India such an increasing rate within 25 to 30 years , that no measure will be adequate to save the country from oncoming attack of diseases come as an epidemic .India has introduced new technology that creates problem but not the institutions for controlling or checking. Now the hopeless Indian and people of poor countries only await their hard –fate and are exposed to be easy prey of painful death. There may have some laws and salaried men to impose those laws . May have some fund also to protect people and to prevent the mush-rooming of unplanned industries and town-ship, but where goes only God knows. There are Industrial Safety Department, Safety Officer and laws & rules but where do they operate is not known to ordinary Indians. The Indian people run the risk of consuming poison

through vegetables and food grains, they earn in return of hard toil.

Now the State Governments of the country invite the private investors and industrialists to set up new plants and industries almost in return of nothing. That is another aspect of Government. We have nothing to say in this respect In what easy and embracing terms and conditions they are called is also the business of the people of United States of India to know, but now, ‘ pollution and health hazard are the need of the day, the cry of the soul of the Indian people. The Central and State Governments jointly have been ignoring the advice and warning both ,though they know well that the common people can’t effort to fly to abroad for their own or kiths and kin’s treatment.

The most staggering matter is that India has not any fruitful Health Policy after having been freed from British bondage of hundred years and has failed to set up a solid infrastructure in sixty years, with which she can fight out the odd. None can imagine in any civilised country that dogs, cats and boars share the bed of the dead-tired patients. The new born baby is lifted or snatched by either dogs or flesh- eating animals. The government hospital refuses the ill-patient to admit ,if not is bribed. This is the democracy of the common people of free India. The dead must commit suicide if will be told to take rebirth in this volatile country. The government hospitals are death-trap. Once, one enters on his own foot must comes out on four shoulders. The fortunate few, who have got the key to enter the world of all-gots, get the chance of curing head-ache in abroad.

Now all those taking pave for not that India is a poor country, or her natural resources are limited. India, in true sense, is richer than most other countries in the world That’s why she has been snatched of her wealth form the Muslim period. The proper planning, just utilisation of her natural resources, honest thinking for her citizen, love for country and open-hearted fore sighting political leaders are lacked in the country . The men on the top forget that human force is the root strength of a nation. They go to China, or Japan, write article being enthusiastic on their opposite summersault but never think to implement that design. Not that they are idiot, but intensely greedy, selfish, and remain busy to reap their own ends.

The rotten place is here; where from the corruption is started.. The other countries have been trying utmost to fight against pollution , to eradicate it and to de -pollute the environment. Where as Indian Pathfinders are seeking chance to criminalise the politics and politicalise the criminality.

None can escape the demand of time. Indian people are timid ,endurable, calm in nature. They have dog-like endurance, horse like loyalty, but to certain extent. Every thing has had its last limit. They will not convince themselves that pollution is a God given ill luck and judgement for long..

By: sunilchatterjee

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