Poverty Breeds Pollution

Poverty breeds pollution.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

We shall see that the countries in which most of the people are poor, illiterate, backward and are houseless are breeding more pollution than those countries which have advanced. We may note the following items which are available in those countries which are identified as poor countries and these items are pollution breeding:-

(1) The people who are poor have no living accommodation and therefore, they utilize open space for easing themselves in the morning and similarly they utilize all open spaces for urinal. Thus they pollute the atmosphere and the place.

(2) The poor people have got no bathrooms in their houses and therefore, on most of days they do not take their bath nor they wash their clothes for days together. Thus they give bad smell and they pollute the atmosphere.

(3) They often dust out their dirty linen in the open and they pollute the atmosphere.

(4) The poor are disturbing the garbage to locate valuable items for sale and thus they bring out bad smell which pollutes the atmosphere.

(5) They do not allow the left-out food to be destroyed or disposed of because they are still busy in finding out eatables and they eat there and then. Such courses also cause pollution.

(6) The houses of the poor do not have flush system, drainage system, garbage collecting system attached to their houses and thus they pollute the atmosphere.

(7) For the poor the rich are organizing free kitchens, which also causes pollution.

(8)Most of the poor people do not clean their teeth and that is the reason they are giving out bad smell and it becomes difficult to sit with them and talk to them face to face.

(9) It is noted that the poor people speak in loud voice and they often fight amongst each other and give out bad voices and they also start abusing each other and thus they pollute the atmosphere.

(10) The poor start establishing mud houses, huts or they are lying naked under the skies ignoring all terms of privacy and thus they create pollution of its own kind.

(11) The poor cannot establish a proper shop and thus most of them are running rickshaws, rehris and they also sit on sides of the roads to sell their items and thus they create a pollution of its own kind.

(12) The poor are not with proper education, proper training and that is the reason they are not properly adjusted at work and their income is on the lower side. Then they start committing crimes, sins and misconducts and thus they pollute the atmosphere in their own way.

(13)They are no way of entertainment and that is the reason, sex is the only out way and that is the reason, they are adding more and more people in the category of the poor people. this is also pollution.

(14) The women who are poor are not keeping themselves up to date and thus they are not giving a good outlook. This is also a pollution of the atmosphere.

So the people who are interested in rooting out pollution from this part of the world, must also think of rooting out poverty from this world. Till poverty exists in this world, pollution shall be there.


By: Dalip Singh Wasan

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