With 25% of the US birds rare or declining, the GreenBird House lets you help birds and help your local ecosystem.

Things are changing for all creatures on our planet.  The effects of global warming and misuse of our natural resources are becoming more apparent. Our birds have experienced the loss of natural habitat due to urban sprawl and intense farming practices. The GreenBird House replaces lost habitat with a totally "green" product. Most importantly it carries a message about the things we can do to help.

While designed to last only one nesting season, it will help create good stewards of our earth and its impact will last forever.  Good for birds, for the earth, for you!

Think Green

It's good to think green. Thinking green leads to living green and we will all live longer, happier lives on our big blue planet if we live green. One of our hopes is that the GreenBird House will help people think about the little things they can do to help the planet. As people go through the process of  putting together a GreenBird House, they will pick up some information about birds and how the birds are affected by the way humans are using natural resources.

The paper the house is made of is recycled. Maybe they’ll wonder if they’ve used some of the paper that went into making this house. Or, hopefully, it will make them think about recycling more of the paper they use everyday to help save trees and create more paper birdhouses or other useful objects.

There are other things we can do to help, too. Encourage birds to live in your backyard by planting flowers that provide seeds that birds like. For example finches love to dine on the seeds of coreopsis. And many birds spend their days hunting insects to eat and to feed their young. Unfortunately many of the pesticides and insecticides that kill insects also kill birds or, obviously, kill the insects the birds need for food.  Using organic fertilizers and organic pest controls will help solve this problem. In return, the birds will help control the insects!

These GreenBird Houses are sized for House and Bewick Wrens, Nuthatches and Titmice. They are made of recycled paper, totally biodegradable and water resistant and have a 100% cotton hanging strap  which can be used several ways to secure the house.  There are no glues, wires, tapes or contaminates used to make them and they are quick and easy to put together with simple folds and a tab and slot system. They are fun to decorate and can be kept bio-degradable by using GreenBird Real Milk Paint.

This birdhouse can be used for one nesting season, then it may be composted or decomposed in trash. There is no cleaning needed - lice, mites or other insects will be disposed of safely.

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7 Good Reasons To Consider Living Green.

Until recently, being an environmentalist or "green" was pretty extreme, associated with hippies or people who wanted to drop out of society and live on a commune. Today, however, with growing awareness of global warming and other environmental problems, more and more people are realizing that there are many answers to the question, "Why go green?" Here are some you may want to think about.

1. Think About Future Generations

If you have children, nephews, nieces or any young people who mean something to you, don't you want them to grow up in a world that is healthy and sustainable? One of the reasons we have problems today is that for a long time, people were short-sighted and didn't think about the future.

2. Think About Your Own Future

The fact is, many people alive today may have to face the consequences of climate change, pollution, deforestation and other environmental concerns. It's not just your children you need to be concerned for --it's yourself. Many of these issues are not a distant concern, but are affecting the world right now. If you need evidence for this, just look at the frequency and severity of storms, tsunamis and other devastating weather events.

3. Live and Be Healthier

Many green activities, from eating more naturally, to using non-toxic household cleaners, to gardening organically are healthier for you. You can reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals by developing green habits.

4. Save Money

You can also save money be driving less, using less heat and air conditioning and conserving on electricity. All of these activities conserve energy and reduce your bills at the same time.

5. Reduce Clutter

By reducing the amount of paper you use, you are not only helping to conserve trees and reduce paper waste, but you can significantly reduce clutter in your home. Paper clutter can cause make you feel overwhelmed and disorganized, so get rid of as much of it as you can by doing more tasks online.

6. Spend More Time Outdoors

Many green tasks, such as gardening, composting and walking or biking as alternative modes of transportation involve spending healthy outdoor time. This can help you stay fitter and also bond with friends and family members.

7. Educate Yourself

Going green involves learning more about the world, how things grow, the climate and other important issues. As you learn why each issue is important, you are also getting an education.

Why go green? Going green is healthy for the planet, living green is healthy for YOU and for your wallet!

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