Malcolm Bricklin On Hybrid Cars, Auto Bailout and The Car Cz

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If you've ever sen the car in the video it's called the Bricklin SV-1 and was made between 1974 and 1976. It's maker is Malcolm Bricklin, an American Entrepreneur. Bricklin brought Suburu to America from Japan, as well as Fiat X1-9, and the Yugo.

In the 90s he turned his attention to making environmentally friendly vehicles, making an electric bike called The EV Warrior.

Today, Bricklin is combining his experience with fuel cell technology and his knoweldge of manufacturing techniques and economics to create a line of plug - in hybrid vehicles or PHEVs, which he says can be installed in your car right now, making it more gas efficient.

I sat down with Bricklin at the San Francisco screening of "The Entrepreneur" , a movie about him. In our talk, he revealed that he got a call that morning to be the President-Elect's "Car Czar", a job he turned down. He explained why.

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