How to Deal With the Menace of Land Pollution From Oil Rigs

Oil is a commodity which is needed for many purposes in our lives. The uses of the oil are sometimes off set by the hazards that occur. These hazards can occur on the ocean waters and also on the land. The land pollution which is the result of this spilled oil is just as damaging as those of the ocean variety.

As with the ocean variety the land pollution is difficult to remove but every effort must be made. Like the animals that live and visit the ocean the land animals are at risk from this pollution. There is also a risk of the oil spill leaking into the underground water table. When this occurs the rivers and lakes will also get caught to the flow of the oil that is polluting the surface.

This land pollution can happen when the pipes that carry the oil to the refining plants will corrode and break. These breaks are what causes the oil to spill onto the land and then flow everywhere that is in the path of the oil. In some dire cases the oil spill will occur due to malicious acts.

These acts are in some cases sabotage or terrorist activities. While these are very serious accidents they are hard to investigate and prove. The most that oil companies can do is to repair the breaks and posts guards to protect the pipe lines. This operation is very costly and not very feasible as there are many miles of pipe lines to protect.

While the cases of land pollution from oil rigs or oil pipe lines is not that known there have been instances where these oil spills have caused the environment massive damage. The cost to the oil company is also very high. For this reason the different oil companies are now looking into various other methods of transporting the oil to the refineries. They are also developing new methods of cleaning up the land pollution that is caused by the oil spills.

A few of these methods involve the use of naturally biodegradable substances. These substances are designed to soak up the oil that is lodged in the surface and under the soil. As a result of using products like the land pollution effects from land oil spills can be reversed. The land is then free to begin re-growing. The vegetation and the water table will become clear of any oil.

The work of the groups should continue as oil is a commodity that is still in heavy use. This makes the possibility of an oil spill a major problem in land pollution. By using substances like this people can find ways of clearing the long term effects to nature that are caused by oil spills.

By: Muna wa Wanjiru

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