How can I get my parakeets to eat fresh foods?

rana.pipiens asked:

I have two parakeets who aren't the least bit hand tamed, so any like I have read of pretending you eat it and then offereing it to them will not work. Anyway, I have tried several times with a lot of different foods I tried mixing bits with their seed (I'll get to that in a second) but they eat around it, I have tried to leave the food in the dish all day, but they just walk/poop on it, and I have tried only offering fresh food without seed and they just screamed the whole day. Foods I have tried are Banana, fresh peach, frozen strawberries (thawed), cherries (sans pit), mashed blueberries, seedless grape, garden fresh organic corn (I know it's garden fresh and pesticide free because we grow it) (off the cob), canned and fresh green beans, canned peas, peanut butter, graham crackers, boiled cabbage, crushed saltines, bits of boiled chicken (cooled). I said I'd get back to the seed thing, I am switching them to pellets as soon as possible, what brand/style do you reccomend? cont.
I have been wanting to, but I am scared of low quality pellets that claim to be complete, but may not be, what kind do you use and reccomend, Currently, I am supplimenting their seed with vitamin drops because I don't have pellets and they won't eat fresh foods, how can I change this? Also, so I HAVE to sepreate them to finger train them? I bought my first parakeet, Riko, last year and he seemed lonely even though I spent hours with him, trying to train him, so I bought him a buddy, who WAS named Lola, but Lola is now Tiger because she's really a he. Then Riko died of the flu and thankfully Tiger didn't catch it, but then Tiger was depressed and lonely and so I bought him a friend named Jade, which is the two I have who won't eat fresh food. I don't want to seperate them, but I guess I will if it's the ONLY way to do it.

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