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So here is my video entry for the Crazy Green Idea contest for X Prize. Please click the (more) link below to expand and read the whole description.

I have to apologize for the format I selected for my video, with some of the presentation slides rolling too quickly, but I needed to squeeze in more information in order to prove that the idea is not as crazy as to make it a pie in the sky, and it's actually quite doable. For those slides changing quickly, you can pause the video in order to read the content. I know I'll be losing ground on the 'video creativity' criterion (which, frankly, I don't understand why it's being given so much importance), but that's the price I have to pay.

Comments, questions, all welcome. I actually have developed this concept in quite some detail, with data analysis for energy consumption, efficiencies, optimizations, concept design, data communications, navigation data processing, logistics etc, and I put them all in a detailed report (still a work in progress though). I presented the idea here as focused on freight transportation, but the concept is equally applicable to people transportation too - it's all detailed in the report. Anyone interested more seriously, and possibly looking for some sort of collaboration, please write me at I am not necessarily aiming here for the Crazy Green Idea prize, I am also taking the idea out to see if there is some more serious interest for further development and collaboration, based on the solid grounds already built. It's true though that I'd also be so happy to see this idea implemented as an X Prize.

And hey, how about you join this group too?! Here is the link:

May the green force be with all of us!

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