Businesses Of The Future – Energy Strategies And Sustainability

How can you create a sustainable business that has a low carbon footprint on the
environment? Energy and fuel costs have soared so much in recent times that it’s
become more than vital to focus on green practices to avoid layoffs or closing
down offices, more so in these economic times than ever before in recent
history.  Many businesses are unaware of the fact that they can shave at least
20% of their energy costs just by employing simple measures like turning off
lights when leaving rooms, switching off computers when not in use, unplugging
cell phone chargers etc.

Employing environmentally sustainable business practices not only benefits the
environment, it also gives it a competitive edge over other firms in the same
field.  Businesses of the future will need to be environment friendly and making
a move towards that right now gives your business that advantage.  Going green
can be a challenging thing for businesses since it requires a certain amount of
effort and the co-operation of multiple groups, vendors, employees, investors

Here are some ideas that can help take your business into the future:

1) Energy audit

It’s best to carry out a complete energy and environmental
audit for your business operations and practices and use the findings to draft
sold policies and management systems that can help “green up” your business.
Even doing something as simple as following the basic 3R’s (reduce, reuse and
recycle) can help contribute to big differences yet it’s amazing how few people
do this.

2) Enlist your employees to your cause

It’s difficult for employees to care
about your business unless you take care of their basic needs first and give
them the feeling that it’s their business too. You can do the former by sharing
or underwriting their healthcare costs and the latter by having them involved in
decision-making while also appreciating their contributions.

3) Better Business Model

It’s no secret that businesses which operate on a profit-sharing basis have
happier employees who are committed to the success of the organization. A good
profit-sharing program boosts employee morale, increases profits and helps
employees feel a sense of ownership. A business that invests in the growth of
its employees by making them partners through an employee stock ownership plan
will continue to prosper over time.  Consider implementing a plan that allows
your employees to share in the wealth generated by your business and put it into

4) Better Product Design

How do you design your products? Are they designed to be environment friendly?
Do they have a long life span? How can they be disposed of? Consider every
aspect of product design from the materials that go into them to the time they
will be disposed of before you design them. Aim for creating energy efficient
greener products. Also try to deal with suppliers and vendors who share similar
values. Do they follow environmental polices? Are they socially responsible?
Are they aligned with your long-term vision and goals?  Try to do business with
those who more closely support your own vision for a
sustainable, greener business.

5) Greater involvement with the community

Get the word out on your environmentally sustainable business practices. Let the
whole world know your stand. Describe your position, vision, values and mission
on your website or print out flyers and distribute it to investors, employees
and leaders in your community. Get your employees involved in any activity that
helps your local community or support an environmental cause that benefits the
community in a tangible way. It’s a great way to inspire your employees and to
create awareness of your vision to make your business sustainable and ‘greener’
to one and all.

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