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Packaging Waste

Until around the turn of the 21st century before it officially had a name, road rage was just simply thought of as impatient drivers with intolerance toward anyone else sharing the road with them.  These days it seems that you can’t turn on the television or surf the internet without hearing some new “rage” related condition, such as the likes of email rage, computer rage, Myspace rage, phone rage, internet rage, believe it or not “line range” where an elderly woman was run over by a shopping cart, but get ready for it, now there’s “wrap rage”.

The smart people at heard the cries and frustrations of a nation and answered their call by creating “Frustration Free Packaging” for their physical products.  If you’ve opened a toy encased in plastic you’ll no doubt have experienced this for yourself at some point, short of needing an instruction manual, or a hammer to free a toy from its plastic prison.  After a while, even Barbie’s Mona Lisa smile turns to a smirk at your unwrapping incompetence. has aligned themselves with some big name market players like Mattel, Fisher-Price, Microsoft, Transcend offering around 19 products containing considerably less wasteful packing materials that are not only 100% recyclable but have themselves been created from at least 50% recycled materials.  CEO Jeff Bezos intends to employ this type of packaging for all of’s physical products in the future.

Keeping their eye on the eco-prize has its share of long terms benefits such as reduced waste ending up in the landfills, its affiliated partners building a reputation of being cleaner and greener while saving money on reduced production costs associated with this new, minimized packaging.  Green definitely has its rewards.

In addition to reduced packaging waste, has devised a way to further help the environment by using its employees “Amazonians” to identify and amend any inefficient energy practices within its organization.  And if the name Amazonian wasn’t special enough, this group of  people are known as the “Earth Kaizen’s”, Kaizen translated from the Japanese phrase meaning “change for the better”, an apt name for a group dedicated to making that happen.

Earth Kaizen’s are essentially all employees from at every level whose fingers are all on a common pulse for the conservation of energy.  As an example, Earth Kaizens in the Lexington, Kentucky, fulfillment center realized that a large amount of the bulk storage facility went unused during weekends yet the power remained on at all times.  120 lights were permanently turned off resulting in the savings of nearly 500,000 kilo-watt hours, enough electricity to generate power to over 30 homes in Kentucky for a whole year.

The bid to go greener isn’t just a passing fancy with who recently diversified by adding a “green” range of products to their inventory, which you can find on Amazon’s “Green Page”.  It sports products for every aspect of life from electronics to baby products, home and garden supplies, children’s toys, grocery and household supplies, wind and solar power generator kits, books, shoes, etc.’s Green Page has 3 different sections for the green enthusiast, Ease Into Green, Eco Chic and Go Extreme Green.

Their “Ease Into Green” section is for those wanting to do their part for the environment in baby steps by incorporating little green aspects into their daily lives, like using greener household alternatives in lieu of their less eco-friendly regulars, light bulbs, storage containers, garbage bins, etc.

Eco Chic is their range of clothing constructed from sustainable materials as well organic products for baby, beauty and bathroom and a range of environmentally sound furniture.

Go Extreme Green is for the diehard green buffs who want to take their green living to the next level.  The types of products this
market want are alternative energy sources to help them live semi independently or completely off the main power grid, eco-designed shower heads for conscious water use and hydroponic kits to grow their own gardens.

If you want to purchase your everyday household items while helping the environment at the same time, then’s Green Page is the way to go, whether you want to ease into green or jump with both feet into it, has the solution for you.

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