2009 Hottest Green Cars – LA Auto Show

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2009 Hottest Green Cars

Im Joslyn in Beverly Hills with the latest list of 2009s hottest green cars. In an auto market that is barely staying afloat, hybrid cars are flying high. Just a few years ago the Toyota Prius took freeways and pocket books by storm. Gas prices may be on the fast decline, but eco friendly consumers are still inclined to find ways to reduce emissions and dependence on foreign oil.

At the recent LA Auto show, hybrids dominated the scene. With twenty-six different models on display, its almost impossible to point out the top cars. I personally think the most fascinating are gargantuan SUVs and trucks that have gone hybrid---the Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid is among the most popular. Also coming in at the top of our list is the BMW 7 series Active-Hybrid- Concept-car, which will undoubtedly take the luxury brand to a whole new level.

Also getting a lot of attention is the Mini E. It is the first 100% electric, zero-emissions MINI. Mini is currently offering 500 people the opportunity to be a part of the cars introduction. Those drivers will not be allowed to actually purchase the car though—they will have to lease the car for a shocking 850 dollars per month and it will only be available in California, New York and New Jersey.

But, winning The Sustainable Life Media Groups Green car of the Year is the Volkswagen TDI. Why? Well its affordable, fuel efficient, family size and its still very hip looking.

Perhaps this Christmas should include a new car in the driveway. To find out how you can go green in all areas of your life, keep watching here at clever.com!

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